28 June 2013

Which Direction Should I Take?

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be
 continuously fearing you will make one." 
 Elbert Hubbard

25 June 2013

It's getting HOT!

My current favorite easy to make smoothie
Let's call it: Be Cool :-) is ideal to stay hydrated and mineralized in times of heat.

- 1 Fuji apple (or your favorite)
- 1 peeled cucumber
- 4 sticks of celery
- 1 lemon

Cut apple, cucumber and celery and place in a blender with two cups of water. Blend until smooth or keep it a little thick. Add juice of one lemon and again blend for 5 seconds. Enjoy!

23 June 2013

Bilingual Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program

Last Thursday evening I was invited to get out of my comfort zone and teach a class (subbing) in French at La Sangha Yoga in Gatineau. Although I am French, I can to this day, count on one hand the number of classes I have taught in French.Well, this is going to change, as I have been given the opportunity to teach a weekly class at La Sangha Yoga. As of July, I will be teaching a "libĂ©rer vos hanches flot"  every Saturday mornings.

In addition, Natalie Tomaro the founder of La Sangha Yoga and I have decided to join and co-teach a bilingual Inspired Living Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. This means that students graduating from our training will feel as well versed in English as they will in French to lead all levels hatha vinyasa classes. What a gift this will be for new teachers. 

We are still polishing up the final details but in case you are interested and want a sense of when it will be offered I thought I would provide you with a sneak peak of our upcoming course dates. The course is recognized by Yoga Alliance and will be offered at La Sangha Yoga, which is just across the Island Park Bridge. 

For many of us being bilingual does not automatically lead to an ability to teach in French or English.  Most of the books, trainings and workshops are in English and finding the terms and language can be tricky. Having the opportunity to practice and refine ones language with experienced teachers (Sylvie-English - Natalie -French) is of great value for new teachers wanting to take advantage of being bilingual.  

Click here for details: http://www.leyogainspire.com/

21 June 2013

Super Moon :-)

This weekend we have a super moon a term defining a closer to the earth than normal full moon. Why is this worth mentioning? For one, we benefit from staying connected with the natural cycles of nature as it reminds us of how interconnected our individual life cycles are. Second we are inspired to look up, and maybe even get out of our habitual thinking and pay full attention to nature. Third, there is something about this time of year that energetically supports our ability to not only set valuable intentions but to actually follow through with them. Most of us have areas in our life where we feel we are awake and connected with our choices and areas in our life where we feel that we have lost touch with our true nature and intuition and find our self instead following a depleting pattern. And even though we know this, every time we try to make a shift we find a way to stop the flow. Making space to acknowledge this and set a supporting intention this weekend may prove to be of service. It would of course require a moment of reflection to  really get a sense of what it is that we want to accomplish (as sometimes we realize that we don't really want what it is that we thought we wanted). Second we need to create a clearly set intention and mentally repeat it with focus. Third, we need a plan of action to actually follow through with what will be required to make it happen.

Thanks for reading!


Happy Summer Solstice

19 June 2013


As we know the word ceremony defines a formal celebration. And we most likely use ceremonies for special occasions such as a wedding. But what we may have forgotten is that a ceremony is also quite valuable for healing
and transitional times. If we take a moment and simply contemplate transitional times in our life we can clearly see how meaningful these times are. Whether it's the birth of a child, an adult child leaving the home, entering adulthood, a divorce, a change of profession, moving or buying a cottage, for example, we are experiencing some form of transition and with any transition comes the need to let go of some way of life and embrace the new way of life. Or, as creatures of habits we may choose to react and reject the new way of life, especially if we feel the change was not a choice. Either way, the transition has, or, is happening, and marking these moments with a ceremony can help us set the right intention for the new beginning. It can help us appreciate the past and make space for new experiences. It can remind us that the normal, and the ordinary is quite extraordinary. There are many ways to create ceremonies and speaking with your yoga teacher or spiritual coach can be of great benefit in creating your individual meaningful ceremonies. 

 Solstice is a special time of the year. A time of transition and an opportunity to remember that we are not separate from nature. If you live in Ottawa, Join us Friday June 21st 6:00AM at Westboro beach. Come celebrate transitions with us. 

 "No man can ever step in the same river twice".  

18 June 2013


Just breathing it in...At 5:30AM this morning I was out for a ride with a dear friend. We biked to Britannia Beach, walked the path and chatted on the rocks. A perfect start to the day.

If you love this weather and feel rejuvenated by the water, the sand and the sun, our Sarasota Yoga Vacation will be exactly what you need during the winter months. There are still a few spots left. Let me know if you plan on joining us.

16 June 2013

Light and Bright

We can eat, think, move and speak with lightness and brightness of being or we can eat, think, move and speak with heaviness and darkness of being. It's always a choice!

If you know me, you know I am not advocating a waterfall and dolphins vision of life where we should aspire for this illusory and societal image of perfection. And, although the food choices we make our quite supportive, being thin does not  automatically equal being light, as there are plenty of light in terms of body weight people who are quite heavy in terms of attitude. In this context light and bright has more to do with what we choose to focus on. It has to do with what we choose to bring to life with our thoughts, words and actions. The recognition that what we focus on grows is liberating as it reminds us of the power of intention when and only when it is supported by concentration.

Do you agree? Is being light and bright a choice? Is there any value in aspiring for lightness and brightness of being or does heaviness serve a valuable and supportive protective service

14 June 2013

Britannia Beach Yoga

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Dates: July 9th to August 29th
Time: 6:00 to 7:00 AM
Cost: $99.00 Unlimited Access (even if you are away for two weeks you still only pay $7.00/class)
Teachers: Sylvie Gouin and Kristine Fitzpatrick

I have been spending a fair amount of time at Britannia Beach lately and it really is a gem in the city. In the early morning hours it's quite special. The rocks, the water, the fresh air.What a way to start the day.

I found the perfect practice spot. It's under a tree, on the grass by the water. Combined with our brilliant morning sequence, you will leave feeling centred and energized.


13 June 2013


A brother writes and signs for his sister. 
Brynn, the sister, shines as she shares her journey with poise.


I have had the opportunity to meet Brynn and chat a couple of times.
 The song is very fitting as she is a bright light who embodies the meaning of strength. 

The song is available on iTunes for .99cents just look up Ryan Mclennan "I'm Strong". 

All proceeds go to:  stemcellsforbrynn.com

12 June 2013

Worth a try!

"Waking up this morning I smile, twenty-four new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion. " Thich Nhat Hanh

10 June 2013

Naturally Sweet

Providing carbohydrates, proteins and fats, figs are an excellent source of minerals, including iron, manganese, potassium and particularly calcium. They are a good source of antioxidants but most importantly help enhance the activity of antioxidants. Rich in fiber they work as a mild laxative and are at the top of the list for alkalizing fruits. Eat a couple of figs before a workout or for dessert.

Happy Monday!

07 June 2013

Are you spiritual?

To this question I generally get a pretty quick yes or no. But when I ask what is that you consider yourself to be, or not to be, the answer is much slower to come. I recognize that trying to define spirituality is not easy but it's certainly worth the effort. Many definitions define being spiritual as having a spiritual character or a spiritual way of life...But what does that mean?

For some, being spiritual means praying for what they want instead of working for what they want and this definition is often the reason some choose to answer "no" to the question.

Although having a spiritual approach to life does mean that we move beyond the desire to continuously accumulate knowledge, things and experiences just for the sake of accumulation, it also means that we move beyond giving-up our power.

It's not that spiritual people are emotional, hearth felt, and happy lovers of nature with very little money and non spiritual people are intelligent, action oriented, tired and prosperous and we need to somehow choose between these two paths.

Based on my studies and understanding of the spiritual path, spirituality is skill in action. It's a reminder or recognition and most importantly an acceptance that we don't see the whole picture. This awareness softens our edge and provides us with the opportunity to discern. Just as there is an equal amount of love and intelligence within wisdom there is also a perfect blend of mental focus, courage, acceptance, intelligence and action in the spiritually inclined. The spiritual path does not ask us to simply believe in something, it provides us with the tools to have direct experiences. We don't need to believe in astrology, tarot cards or prayer to "be" spiritual.  But, an open mind and a willingness to be present to life as a whole is certainly helpful.

Moving towards mindfully including or deepening our ability to bring the following practices to life has the potential to give us a taste of spirituality.

  1. Generosity;
  2. Patience;
  3. Listening;
  4. Smiling;
  5. Gratitude;
  6. Silence;
  7. Laughter;
  8. Relaxation;
  9. Meditation;
  10. Working;
  11. Mindfully driving our children to school or to their many activities;
  12. Mindfully preparing meals for our family or friends;
  13. Taking the time to sit when we eat;
  14. Awareness of our environment;
  15. Using "we" more often than "I"
  16. Asking - What's in it for us? rather than; What's in it for me?
  17. Taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions;
  18. Self-care;
  19. Getting organized;
  20. Forgiveness;
  21. Being with nature; and
  22. Keeping a journal: The review is highly awakening.
I need to add that mindfulness without compassion is dry. These two are interconnected. 

04 June 2013

Janis Joplin

I was watching a 1970 interview with the amazing Janis Joplin aired two months before her death at the young age of 27. When asked about her song writing process she replied: I may write the songs down once in a while if I need help remembering them but the song writing is a feeling ".

Although technique is important I think we easily lose touch with our intuition and ability to feel and trust the process of whatever it is that we are engaged in. The fear of not doing it right can crush our intuition. Whether we are making dinner, engaging in a conversation or practicing asana there is so much value in simply allowing our self to feel.

Inspired Living: A Guided Yoga Journal On Sale Here.

03 June 2013

Summer Solstice Westboro Beach Meditation

Let's celebrate this auspicious time of year with a group meditation. 

Date: Friday June 21st 2013
Time: 6:00-6:30AM
Location: Wesboro Beach
745 Ottawa River Parkway
Focus: *Sankalpa
Cost: Priceless

No previous experience required. Some guidance will be offered.

Spread the word- Everyone is welcome. Do let me know you will join us at 111sylvieg@gmail.com

* A Sankalpa is a carefully and intently set intention. Like a well planted and well cared for seed, a sankalpa repeated mentally with feeling when the mind is relaxed and focused has the potential to blossoms and come to life in our everyday living. 

Your Sankalpa can be about living purposefully, health, wealth, relationships or spirituality.Take your time in choosing something that feels right for you. It's important that your sankalpa  always be expressed the same way; simply, with intent, focus and as a positive expression of your truth.  

Also of possible Interest is an invitation from Paula Pyne

I'm thrilled to host a summer solstice/full moon Crystal Bowl meditation/concert with Jeremy Sills in my home.  If you haven't experienced the divine sounds of Jeremy's genius and crystal bowls - you are in for a real treat!http://www.jeremysills.com/ .   I can't think of a better way to welcome summertime, under the illumination of the Full Moon.

When: Sunday June 23rd 7;00-8:30PM  Refreshments and vegan treats to follow... 
Where: Address/directions provided upon RSVP
Cost: $20
Contact Paula at: paula.pyne@gmail.com

Seats are limited, so please, RSVP quickly.  If you are unable to attend, perhaps you know someone that can take your seat - please feel free to share:)

01 June 2013

Brtiannia Beach Yoga...Inspiration

A scheduling mistake provided an unexpected day off allowing an opportunity to ride around and take advantage of "Doors Open Ottawa" and to enjoy the beaches.... By the end of the day I was inspired to offer Britannia Beach Yoga...Funny how things unravel!

Although this is a first for me and it's a little last minute, I am going with my inspiration and inviting you to join me for some early morning sweaty inspiration. Click here for details.

Everyone is welcome ---spread the word!